What I offer

I am the highly organised consultant who will ensure your research is carried out timely and thoroughly. I have experience with the different stages of theory based evaluation, from establishing the logical framework together with stakeholders to drawing lessons from the results.

Administrative experience

In addition to the examples outlined below, I have been responsible for programme administration and coordination, carried out extensive literature reviews and contributed to successful bids to important donors. I master the English language and have working knowledge of French and Spanish.

Inclusion of smallholder farmers

I carried out the evaluation of a South-African programme aimed at linking smallholder farmers to supermarkets. I designed data collection tools and carried out interviews with stakeholders. The analysis will contribute to the discussion about inclusion of smallholder farmers in global value chains.

Data analysis for Better Cotton Initiative

In 2016, I analysed data for the baseline study of the Better Cotton Initiative in India. Mobile data collection was used to put together this large data set. I carried out parametric and non-parametric analyses of variance with SPSS. We also used poverty indices.

Working conditions in Bangladesh

In 2015, I conducted a review of several projects in Bangladesh, aimed at improving working conditions in garment factories. This was part of the long term monitoring of the DFID funded Trade and Global Value Chains Initiative. It included visits to factories and interviews with stakeholders.

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